Privacy Policy

We don’t store your data, period.

During your use of 1010 Technologies applications, you may be asked for your Google login information to provide access to Google Drive. This is a secure password dialog provided by Google. Your login information is passed directly to Google through their dialog. 1010 Technologies has no access to any of your login information and nothing is stored on any servers.

Our applications use the Chromium web browser, provided by Google. The Chromium browser may store data on your computer in local storage such as login information or cached web pages. 1010 Technologies has no access to any of this local storage.

By logging into your Google Drive account, you give our applications permission to add or modify items within your Google Drive such as Media Lists and sample videos.

If you contact us by email with the Contact page above, or any other manner, then we do have your email address as is necessary to answer your questions.  If you wish to have your email address removed from our records after contacting us, just let us know in that email, or by sending a subsequent email at any time.