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The MakerBit  CS/STEM Kit is the result of many years of development by Roger Wagner, award-winning educator and inventor of educational technologies.

Using the kit, students learn essential computer science and computational-thinking concepts by making working models of everyday digital devices like a timer, traffic signal, piano, thermostat and others. The capstone project is to design and build their own electronic board game.

The kit was used last year in-school at the 6th grade level. It has also been used with older middle- and high-school students.

The kit has also been used for at-home distance learning with 6th graders.

The kit uses the BBC micro:bit microcontroller, and includes all the components necessary to build 10+ projects that align with 40% of the grades 3-12 CA computer science standards.

This kit does for school projects what HyperStudio did for hypermedia: it makes it possible for everyone, regardless of age and experience, to use digital media in the most creative and innovative ways to enhance learning and enjoyment of the process.

Roger Wagner

Inventor and Designer

It is great to see my students walking into my class, excited about the projects they are working on. I love watching them help each other, inspiring each other, and coming up with ideas to implement in their projects... I recommend that everyone give MakerBit a try in their classrooms. I promise you will love it!

Seval Karanfil

Los Coches Creek CSMA Magnet School

The biggest advantage of the MakerBit is its ability to grow with students as their knowledge and skills advance. With the MakerBit you can use one product for everything from block-based coding, to complex robotics, and everything in between.

Heather Lister

Chief Education Officer, Construct Learning

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