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We are a small group of educators and entrepreneurs who are excited to bring the world of interactive projects and physical computing to the classroom. You can read more about us here.

MakerBit Questions

By 6th grade (about 11 years old), kids are quite capable of going through the entire MakerBit  curriculum. This involves creating working models of everyday digital devices, such as traffic signals, a kitchen timer, digital piano, and others. In the final project they invent their own electronic board game using everything they’ve learned.

All ages! The kit has a “low threshold” and “high ceiling”. Regardless of age or experience, one can start very simply, and learn the basics of adding lights and interactivity to a physical model. From there, you can learn block programming, create robots, and conduct experiments. We’ve used these kits with middle and high school students, as well as adult hobbyist clubs.

Yes! We recommend using tape to attach the LEDs, sensors, and cables to your project. When you’re done with your project, it’s easy to remove them to reuse in another project. The rainbow cables are also made to easily connect and disconnect. In case you need more LEDs or other cables, you can also buy inexpensive refill packs from our store.

Yes! The MakerBit only needs to be attached when you want to use the LEDs and sensors for a demonstration. You can easily disconnect the rainbow cables and share the board with another student.

No! The MakerBit come ready to go “out of the box”, preconfigured to turn on LED lights with touchpoints, without requiring a computer at all. If you do have a computer, you can use the board as a “block programming” device, where you can explore creating programs (or sketches) using features like touchpoints, the MP3 player, and the LCD screen.

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