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1010 Technologies LLC develops hardware and software products for education.

Our flagship products are the MakerBit and HyperDuino, which let teachers and students create interactive maker projects: traditional school models that are made interactive with digital lights and sensors.

Meet the Team

Roger Wagner

Inventor and Designer, MakerBit

Roger Wagner is the designer of the MakerBit, HyperDuino, and HyperStudio. He is a former Physics, Chemistry and Math teacher, and a patent-holding inventor. Roger was named by Technology & Learning Magazine as one of the top 5 “Most Important Educational Technology Gurus of the Past Two Decades,” along with Seymour Papert, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs.

As an educator, software designer, and educational technology visionary with 30 years of experience, Roger Wagner has worked with numerous K-12 schools, as well as college and university teacher preparation programs, in their approaches for the creation of highly interactive student projects.

Listen to an interview with Roger by Chris Garcia, Innovative Pedagogy

Chris Torrence

Director of Engineering

Chris Torrence is the Director of Engineering at MakerBit, where he leads the development of the MakerBit board. He is also the Software Development Manager at the National Snow & Ice Data Center (CIRES/CU Boulder), where he leads a team of software developers in creating interactive applications for downloading and visualizing satellite data.

Chris has a PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado, and worked for many years as the Lead Engineer on a scientific visualization package used by NASA and major universities. Chris was also a part-time instructor at a charter middle school where he taught STEM classes in programming, engineering, and creative design.

Chris lives in Louisville, Colorado with his wife and two daughters.

Philipp Henkel

Master Tinkerer

Philipp Henkel is a passionate Software Engineer and develops software components for the MakerBit, including tutorials, MakeCode extensions, and MicroPython modules. He fosters STEM education in kindergarten, schools, and public libraries to reach a diverse group of young people.

After receiving his Computer Science degree at the Technical University of Berlin, Philipp worked as a software engineer developing mobile apps in the early days of smartphones, contributed to multimedia software at Nero, participated in Blu-ray standardization, and created automotive infotainment systems. Today Philipp is an Engineering Manager at Understand.ai, where his teams use a cloud-based AI-driven toolchain to accelerate our progress towards autonomous driving.

Philipp’s hobbies include board games, retro games, hiking, and of course, building and tinkering with his kids.

Heather Lister

Director of Curriculum

As the Director of Curriculum, Heather Lister, M.Ed, creates and promotes standards for MakerBit usage in the classroom. Heather is the Founder and Chief Education Officer at Construct Learning, a STEM and maker education consultancy and professional development provider. A former school librarian, she is an international speaker and author working with educators around the world to bring high-quality, hands-on learning to their students. She is the President of the ISTE Librarians Network and was awarded the 2019 Women in Tech Education Award from the Tech Council.

Heather holds degrees and teaching certificates in Library Science, Instructional Technology, Mathematics, and School Administration and Supervision. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Pragmatic Research in STEM Education. Heather lives in Hershey, Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.

David Thornburg

Special Advisor

David Thornburg has worked in the field of educational technology since 1981, written numerous books, consulted for schools and government agencies, invented educational technologies, and is currently Director of Education for Polar3D.

He has taught part-time at Stanford University, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), College of Notre Dame (Belmont, CA) and Walden University. Thornburg has received many awards including Golden and Platinum Disk awards from CUE (Computer Using Educators, Inc.), was selected as one of twenty "pioneers" in the field of educational technology by ISTE, and was named by Technology and Learning Magazine as one of the top ten most influential educational technologists of the past twenty years.

David received his PhD from the University of Illinois, and started his career at Xerox PARC.

Matthew Evans

Professional Development

As the Director of Technology Integration at MakerBit, Matthew's goal is to bring physical computing to K-12 students so they can create marvelous interactive projects. Matthew Evans is an Educational Technology Specialist, having worked in K-12 classrooms and taught future educators how to integrate technology in their curriculum at the California State University San Marcos for 5 years. A Google Certified Trainer, he currently teaches Google courses as well as Coding and Computational Thinking at the University of San Diego.

Matthew has a BA in Expository writing and Master of Arts in Education with a focus on Educational Technology.

Matthew has competed in multiple marathons and Ironman triathlons. He is at home on the beach, building sandcastles with his 10-year-old daughter.

Steve Zanotti

Professional Development

Steve Zanotti is an Instructional Technologist and a Math for America, Master Computer Science Teacher Fellow in Los Angeles. Most recently he teaches high school CS Classes, facilitates Code.org CS Fundamentals workshops for teachers, and is the Computational Thinking & Computer Science Academic Coordinator for UC Irvine's CalTeach Program. Steve has 20 years of classroom experience in all grades from K12 to adults in the areas of educational technology and computer science.

Steve is a graduate of University of California Irvine in Biological Sciences and holds an MA in Educational Technology from San Diego State University and an MA in Educational Leadership & Administration from Cal State University Northridge.

Steve is gifted presenter at education conferences and often consults with organizations on instructional design and Computer Science.

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