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During your use of 1010 Technologies LLC applications, you may be asked for your Google login information to provide access to Google Drive. This is a secure password dialog provided by Google. Your login information is passed directly to Google through their dialog. 1010 Technologies LLC has no access to any of your login information and nothing is stored on any servers.

Our applications use the Chromium web browser, provided by Google. The Chromium browser may store data on your computer in local storage such as login information or cached web pages. 1010 Technologies LLC has no access to any of this local storage, and does not pass your login information on to anyone else or any other website.

By logging into your Google Drive account, you give our applications permission to add or modify items within your Google Drive such as Media Lists and sample videos.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

All 1010 Technologies LLC applications are fully complient with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, following the six-step compliance plan described here. In particular,

  1. Our website and applications do not collect personal information from kids under 13.
  2. Post privacy policy – this document.
  3. Notify parents – Not applicable as we don’t collect personal information.
  4. Parental consent – Not applicable.
  5. Parents rights – Please use the Contact form on the homepage for Privacy or COPPA questions.
  6. Reasonable procedures – Not applicable.

As described above, the MakerBit Media Linker application asks for the user’s Google login information via a secure Google-provided password dialog. The request for this information is a limited exception “To provide support for internal operations of your site or service, which includes authenticating users of the site or personalizing content.”

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