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Welcome to the HyperDuino!

The tutorials below will take you through your first steps learning how to create Interactive Maker Projects. The HyperDuino (pronounced “Hyper-Dweeno”) and the accessories that go along with it have been designed to make it as fun and easy as possible to create your own Interactive Maker Projects, and to learn something about how digital devices interact in the real world.

Start Here

Depending on your needs, we offer two versions to help you get started. The graphic tutorial is great for workshops or conferences, where the detailed tutorial is great for self-paced or a deep guided learning experience.

Graphic Tutorial

Detailed Text Tutorial

Alternatively, you can access this tutorial as PDFs:

Activity Guides

The pdfs below are graphic tutorials to using the HyperDuino.  They are also used in school workshops and makerspace events.   Many of them use the mini tri-fold volcano model, that you can download here.  It is printed on both sides of index card stock paper that you can get here, and through other sources. Simply click on the images below to access the activity guides.

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